Pop Up Flyer July 2, 2017

A song of summer and a hint of autumn

Haydn, still relentlessly experimenting at the age of 60, larks around in typical lighthearted fashion with musical structure, texture, rhythm and melody....

... and from the set of quartets dedicated to his dear friend Haydn, 28-year-old Mozart mixes the exuberant "hunt" character of the 1st movement with deep introspective poignancy in the Adagio, and takes a leaf out of Haydn's joke book in the finale ....

... and maybe a little more bird song at the end

Haydn: String Quartet in D,
op 76 no 5, "The Lark"

Mozart: String Quartet in B flat,
K 458, "The Hunt"

Miles Golding and Karin Björk - violins
Stefanie Heichelheim - viola
Gavin Kibble - cello

Sunday July 2nd 7:00pm

The Old Library, St George's School, Harpenden AL5 2TD

No interval .... plenty of time for the pub and supper afterwards .... take a glass of something as you arrive, choose a table and sit, chat, and enjoy two fabulous quartets by these two Viennese masters in another informal soirée.

Tickets: £15 (including wine/soft drinks), students FREE, available at the door

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