Pop Up Flyer Feb 4, 2018

Two string quintets from Mozart's later years, K.614 written just 6 months before his death, and both exploiting the wider palette of colours afforded by two violas. Of the G minor quintet, Tchaikowsky wrote: "No one has ever known as well how to interpret so exquisitely in music the sense of resigned and inconsolable sorrow." But casting pathos aside, Mozart bursts into a finale of twinkling exuberance.

Mozart: String Quintet in G minor, K 516
Mozart: String Quintet in E-flat major, K 614

Miles Golding and Karin Björk - violins
Stefanie Heichelheim and Jan Mason - violas
Gavin Kibble - cello

Sunday February 4th at 7:00pm

The Old Library, St George's School, Harpenden AL5 2TD

No interval .... plenty of time for the pub and supper afterwards .... take a glass of something as you arrive, choose a table and sit, chat, and enjoy two fabulous quintets in another informal soirée.

Tickets at the door: £15 (including refreshments), students and under-18s FREE

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