Pop Up Flyer Oct 7, 2018

Mozart and Mendelssohn in their teens displaying their astonishing precocious talent, and more Mozart, nine years older.

Of particular interest to students this time is the first movement of the first piece. The Theme contains characteristics that feature in advanced Grade exams aural questions: specifically, very clear perfect and imperfect cadences, clear modulations to dominant and sub-dominant, and contrast between legato and staccato! And you get to hear each 12 times because the theme is repeated and then followed by several variations - a great chance for students to hone those aural skills! (And young Mozart can't resist inserting a few jokes, for good measure!)

Feel free to leave when you've heard just that! But ...

... the concert also displays clear differences between Mozart's Classicism and Mendelssohn's Romanticism that should provide a good chance to improve one's skill at identifying the features marking each style.

W A Mozart: String quartet in C major, K170 (1773)

Felix Mendelssohn: String quartet in A minor, op. 13 (1827)

W A Mozart: String quartet in G major, K387, the “Spring” (1782)

Miles Golding and Karin Björk - violins
Stefanie Heichelheim - viola
Henrik Persson - cello

Sunday October 7th at 7pm

The Old Library, St George's School, Harpenden AL5 2TD

No interval .... plenty of time for the pub and supper afterwards .... take a glass of something as you arrive, choose a table and sit, chat, and enjoy this fabulous chamber music in another informal soirée.

Tickets at the door: £15 (including refreshments), students FREE!

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